The PeakRider was developed by Marvin Kiesel, a 28-year old mountain biker from the beautiful Allgäu, a region in South Germany where you will find one thing above all else – steep mountains. Marvin has spent most of is life on a mountain bike, and he always wants to go higher than the regular roads and trails will take him – to the summit..! During his most recent crossing of the Allgäu’s main mountain ridge, again and again Marvin had to dismantle his bike and elaborately attach it to his backpack. That’s when the learned engineer and bike fanatic had had enough and wanted more…

The Story

We’re standing on the summit. We can see the trail below us, meandering down into the valley in seemingly endless turns. Rocky ledges give way to flowing passages. The path leads past mountain crests and untouched lakes before it finally disappears far away at the horizon. This is the moment we live for. It makes us forget the struggle of bringing our bike with us to the top. It took a lot of effort to get here. The exertion begins, where roads and uphill trails end. That’s when you’ll have to heave your bike onto your shoulders and neck, holding it in position with your arms. This method is inconvenient, to say the least. It makes passing steep and exposed passages risky and sometimes even impossible.

Well, not any more

What has been commonplace in the world of skiing and snowboarding has finally arrived in the biking universe: an intelligent light-weight carrying system. The PeakRider is going to change, and above all improve, your alpine bike tour experience once and for all. The system is made up of two components: a newly developed telescopic rod with a support plate and the so-called Cone-Strap.

The well thought-out construction allows you to swivel and tilt your bike in all directions to get past obstacles and narrows sections. The bike does not press against your shoulders, its mass is close to your body, the support plate distributes the weight of your bike evenly [ through your bags harness system], across your back and your hips. The best part: You have both hands free while knowing your bike’s safely attached. You have to experience this new feeling of freedom to fully appreciate it. Once you’ve transported your bike with the PeakRider, you won’t want to be without it again.

The telescopic rod fits into all current bike backpacks that come with a central opening for your water supply system. The Cone-Strap is attached to the of your bike at its ballance point by a simple flick of your wrist. That’s it. Simply lift your bike up over your head and hook the Cone-Strap onto telescopic rod. This will keep your bike in a safe and stable position throughout your journey.

In order to bring this unique and innovative product to market, we launched a crowdfounding campaign at the end of 2017, which received an amazing response and a success of which we were honestly surprised by. Now we are working to make PeakRider accessible to mountain bikers all around the world and we are looking forward to many new mountain adventures!

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