Frequently Asked Questions

The PeakRider works with any bike where the cone strap can be attached to the down tube in the marked area.

The PeakRider works with any backpack that has a central opening for a hydration system tube. The only criteria is that the telescopic rod can exit at the top of the backpack.

The PeakRider will be shipped worldwide to any country free of charge.

We are shipping by air freight and it takes up to 14 days to the destination country plus the shipping time within the destination country.

The PeakRider is tested and approved up to a maximum bike weight of 25Kg.

Yes, usually it is not a problem to fit both the PeakRider and the drinking tube through the opening.

The telescopic rod of the PeakRider must always be retracted for any active cycling and the PeakRider must therefore be completely recessed into the backpack. This way the PeakRider does not increase the risk of injury when riding.

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